Logic Security deliver CCTV & alarm monitoring Solutions at every level, residential premises, small businesses right through to large multinational corporations.

CCTV Monitoring

Logic Fire & Security provide Commercial CCTV Monitoring systems that monitor and protect your premises from intruders.

Our 24/7 CCTV monitoring service provides a team of Closed-circuit television security specialists that will watch your cameras 24 hours a day.

The Logic Fire & Security remote CCTV remote monitoring system is a reactive solution. It is designed to detect the presence of trespassers on a secured site. It uses specialist motion detection and video analytics technology, backed up by high resolution CCTV cameras and audio equipment.

This is both a highly efficient & cost effective means of protecting a site versus the costs associated with static security guards.

Our remote monitoring systems have been installed and proven in sites throughout the country and have both met and exceeded the expectations of our clients across a variety of industries.

This system comprises of high end security equipment combined to form a highly sophisticated remote monitoring solution.


Alarm Monitoring

No home or business wants to fall foul of theft or vandalism. These are costly disruptions. The full cost of which will not always be covered by insurance companies. Not to mention the damage to your reputation, time spent doing paperwork and impact on your livelihood.

Logic Fire & Security’s intruder and panic alarms protect what you’ve worked so hard to build up and act as effective deterrents to criminals. They also offer the peace of mind that if activated, they’re swiftly responded to 24/7/365.

Logic Fire & Security uses the very latest technology in intrusion detection and communication to the Monitoring station, using Dualcom’s dual path technology.


HKC Technology

We offer HKC’s cloud based service to give the clients the flexibility they need. This enables them to to securely control their alarm remotely on multiple premises and get instant alerts when there is an event onsite.

Remote Monitoring Station
CCTV Monitoring Centre


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