Access Control Systems

Logic Fire & Security visitor management and business access control systems are designed to control access for employees, contractors and visitors to sites of all sizes in all environments.

Access Control

Logic Fire & Security access control and visitor management systems are designed to control access for employees, business contractors and visitors. They are suitable for sites of all sizes in all environments.

Our Access Control Systems are stand-alone or fully integrated through a suite of software. This gives our systems the flexibility to grow from a single-door up to thousands of doors, using the same software platform. This ensures that throughout the life of the system our clients have the flexibility to integrate additional doors with no disruption to the existing system.

In a clocking environment, employees may use the same cards they use to record their working hours. For organisations where employees do not clock-in, employees will be issued with access cards or they can use biometric readers.

Swipe Card Systems

These require that the user swipe a card with a magnetic stripe through the reader to gain access.

Proximity Readers

Unlike swipe card systems, proximity readers require that the user simply waves a card or token in front of a reader. This reduces water and tear, extending the life of the system. Proximity systems are ideal for access control at facilities with a high volume of traffic. They are extremely tamper resistant.

Biometric Readers

These require fingerprint, retinal or facial scanning of the user. They are suitable for facilities and environments with the most rigorous security requirements.


Logic Fire & Security install Video and Audio Intercoms to integrate with our access control systems. From a single door entry system with one handset, to multi-door / multi-user system, connected to your PABX phone system or using GSM technology. Logic Fire & Security can provide you with the Intercoms system suits your needs best.

  • Improves security & safety
  • Runs flexible reports
  • Can be linked to a fire alarm system
  • Reports in real-time on employee whereabouts
  • Effective security measure – keeps intruders out
  • Logs all accesses and violations
  • Controls access to authorised employees, visitors, contractors etc.
  • Doors can be controlled remotely both onsite and off site
Proximity reader scanning card
Business man using access control systems swipe card
Lady using Intercoms


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