CCTV Systems

Installation of Monitored CCTV Systems, prevent crime before it happens.

CCTV Systems 

Logic Fire & Security are experts in CCTV and remote monitoring. The benefits of business CCTV are proven on numerous levels. From loss prevention to a visible theft deterrent and protection from Illegitimate accident claims, from both staff and customers.


CCTV Installation

Logic Fire & Security offer CCTV Installation at every level, from small businesses and homes to large multinational corporations. We can provide ANPR CCTV Solutions along with HD and IP camera systems or hybrid technology. This facilitates integration of your existing equipment into new recording and transmission technology.


CCTV on Your Smartphone & Tablet

Each of the CCTV security systems installed by Logic Security’s fully certified installation team can be viewed on all smartphones and tablets anywhere in the world.


Monitored CCTV

Logic Fire & Security provides a preventive CCTV system that detects an intruder as soon as they enter your premises. We intervene immediately to stop any damage before it is done. This insures the security and safety of your premises.

If you want to eliminate crime from your premises, you can avail of our 24/7 CCTV monitoring service. Our team of closed-circuit television security specialists will watch your cameras 24 hours a day!

Your CCTV cameras will be in constant contact with Logic Fire & Security’s monitoring station. So within seconds of a camera or motion detector being activated, we will assess the situation on site and will be ready to respond via the on-site load speakers.

In the event of the intruders not leaving the premises following the audio warning, or it becoming a sustained attack on the premises. The nearest Garda station and key holder will simultaneously be notified of the situation and requested to respond.

With monitored CCTV, you can make your premises a crime free zone for the fraction of the costs of having an on-site security guard.


Till Scan CCTV & Till Scan Systems

Reports show that the misappropriation of cash from tills is the most expensive type of fraud. Till scan technology links the till or cash register to the CCTV system at your business premises, providing staff fraud protection. All till transactions are digitally recorded on the Till system hard drive in detail. This includes the item description and price. The till scan CCTV system relays the detailed information of each till transaction to the CCTV system. The Till Scan CCTV camera records actions of the staff member during the till transaction.

The main types of retail till fraud and cash register fraud that our till scan system can help the business owner curtail are: Sweethearting, No Sales/Void, Returns and Refunds & Substitute Scanning at the till.

Depending on the system, alerts may be set up and notifications are sent to a designated email address, e.g. when a void, no sale or other alert text is entered. Telling staff, or indeed showing them, that every transaction on the till is being recorded to the CCTV can greatly reduce instances of till fraud.

Monitored CCTV captures Intruder
Monitored CCTV Smartphone App


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